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2005 Fuel Filter

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It's been some time since I've been here, but I have a fuel filter question.

So just this afternoon, I've noticed that my fuel filter started leaking gas. The other day I caught a whiff gas in the garage, but didn't see any obvious puddles underneath the car. Now, I'm capable of replacing the filter myself as I've done so in the past with other vehicles. The part that scares me is the very rusty bracket holding the fuel filter in place. I mean, it's so rusty that I'm sure that it's fused onto the filter, and wiggling the filter out would likely break the clamp. Furthermore, the clamp appears to be welded onto the frame of the car, so replacing it would not be possible. Any suggestions or insight would be helpful. Thanks!
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May I suggest BP Blaster / WD-40, maybe a day before you try to remove. Can't hurt.
I'll give that a try. The bracket and filter were soaked in fuel last. Today it's dry.

I'll be picking up a new filter later this afternoon or tomorrow. Here are some additional pictures...

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You won't have an issue getting the filter loose from the bracket. The more you pay for the filter the better the coating on the filter housing. My issue was the cheaper filters nipples rust to the o rings in the connectors and pull the o rings out of the connectors. People use tie wraps if they cant find the right clip for the connectors.
I'm planning on going with the Wix 33097 filter. Still wondering how I can clean up the bracket, though.
Thanks for everyone's help. The new fuel filter is on. The old one wasn't rusted to the bracket and came off with no effort, though it looks like someone overdid it with the hose clamp as the old filter was crushed on the one side. The replacement clips were not universal, and I ended up re-using the old ones, which thankfully did not break during removal. I didn't have time today, but I'll come back at some point to clean up and apply rust converter to the bracket, which surprisingly ended up looking better than I thought after all the layers of rust fell off.

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