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I have a really strange problem that use to happen once every 3-4 months. When driving extremely slowly - basically idling - I'd feel a "thunk" and the car would seem to almost drop out of gear and not hardly want to move at all. Putting the car into park did not fix it. What made the problem seem to go away temporarily was putting the car in park and then turning off the engine and then back on again, and it wouldn't happen again for 3-4 months. It only ever happened when idling along in Drive or driving extremely slowly (low end of first gear).

A couple of weeks ago, it seemed to get stuck in this mode and even a power cycle didn't fix it. It was acting this way regardless of whether you put the car into Drive or Reverse. My mechanic came over and actually observed it in this state for the first time, and we discovered that the "thunk" was actually the engine suddenly rocking back roughly on the motor mounts as it revved like crazy even though the car would hardly move. And then suddenly, as if by magic, it started mysteriously working completely normally. You'd have never known anything was ever wrong with it.

When that happened, it threw a couple of codes (P0720-FF and P0722-FF) which led to the transmission OSS and TSS sensors being replaced by the Ford dealership, but unfortunately that didn't fix anything.

I noticed today for the first time that it seemed a touch "off" on upshifting from 2 -> 3rd gears when I drove it home from it's second trip to the dealer.

The dealership wants to sell me a whole new transmission, and I'm not sure I'm buying their premise that it needs to be replaced. From some reading, it sounds like maybe this could possibly be the pump acting up? The fact that a power cycle usually fixes it is the odd part, but that makes me think that it's not something purely mechanical - i.e. not just a gear etc. Whatever's wrong has some electrical component.

Does anyone have any theories about what could cause such strange behavior?
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