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Looking for some help. I purchased two new replacement 4 button key fobs for my 2004 Taurus SE Wagon. I have over three past few days made 20 attempts to get them to program.

I followed the key "in" to "run" eight times instructions, the car does cycle. But none of the buttons on either remote will work. I have done this both with the door closed and open.

I removed the remote batteries, put back in 60 seconds later and it still did not work.

I also disconnected the car battery, waited and reconnected, still nothing. I have even bought new batteries for the brand new remotes ( sold as tested before shipping) and still the same thing over and over again.

Now during all this the original key fob got un-programmed, and I have been able to successfully reprogram it three times.

Unfortunately the retailer will only say, and not all that politely, that they are the correct remotes for my vehicle, but are unable or unwilling to offer any suggestions.

There must be a way to figure this out? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
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