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Hey all,

I'm looking for some help with my keyless entry keypad.

I have a 2003 SEL Comfort that I bought this winter.

The keypad does not seem to work at all. It is the type that is built right into the handle, not the type that is above the handle.

Pressing the buttons does not light the keypad nor any lights on the car.

Pressing 7-8 9-0 does not lock the doors as the manual states it should.

I cannot find any code printed on the side of the module by the brake pedal. This is the GEM correct?

The remote keyless works fine as does everything else in the car (well, except the cassette player, meh)

What should I try/check?



I'm wondering if perhaps the GEM was replaced with one that does not support the keypad. Could this be the case? Is there a fuse for just the keypad?
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