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No Power

I have a 2002 Taurus SES. Last night I started it and then tried to lower the windows. I found all power windows, power mirrors, power locks did not work. I opened the door on driver side and closed it, everything went well again, but back to nothing instantly. The lock/unlock button light on driver side didn't light, but another one on passenger side lighted and worked well. Afterward I found the light of master control switch on driver side didn't work. you know, if we unlock the car with a remote control key, the lights on the bottom of two side rear mirrors would light. But It is turned out that the light on driver side of my car didn't work. So I believed there was no power on drive side any more.

I read lots of posts here and guess it might be caused by fuses blown, most likely to be #10. However, the interior light works well now, which would not happen if the fuse #10 is blown. But I still checked the fuses. It seemed nothing was wrong with them.

This afternoon I pushed the wiring bundle between the door and body by chance, I was surprised that power was back again. Anybody could help me out?
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