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I am having great difficulty shifting from Neutral to Drive and Drive to Neutral. Its almost impossible to shift from N to R or R to P. I did some research on-line and have not seen many posts on this topic or in my Haynes manual. The Wiki page on A4XS/A4XN mention the N to D accumulator INSIDE the trans as a possibility.
I took the car to the dealer. Diagnosed Problem: stretched shifter cable. I am letting the dealer replace it.
I decided to post this so the next guy with a problem shifting from N to D and back has at least some idea of 1 cause.
I have a 2002 Sable LS with AX4N trans.
The cable is $50. at parts store. My dealer is charging $300. for everything. You might just replace the cable and if its something more you have not lost much.
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