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Greetings all, first time poster here and I have read the 'how to ask questions' instructions and will try to honor them.

The Car: 2002 SEL with 24V DOHC engine, 76K Miles

The History: Bought from CarMax last fall, test drove it hard, picked it up the next day. My teen driver (I got it for the side airbags, and safety rating) drove it to school and back, round trip 3 miles for couple of months. Then...
Car runs very rough at idle first crank each day for 1 to 3 minutes (enough make the car stutter and stall if you try to back out of the driveway) but then is fine the rest of the day. Solid 'THUD' under the hood and shudder at random times when stopped at lights. No codes, local dealer said 'we can start throwing parts in it, but we dunno'. A/C 'outside air temp' reading has been stuck at 86 since we have had it. Turning A/C off reduces but does eliminate rough start, appears to stop thumps under hood at stops.

Questions: Does the failed/stuck OAT sensor displayed on the dash indicate a failed OAT sensor in the engine system? Would such a failure cause the rough idle?
Would a failing A/C compressor cause the thuds under the hood when at idle?
What am I missing, etc?

Car ran like a dream for first few months, now shows these behaviors. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. My under-hood experience is years with a 1600 Datsun roadster (SU Carbs anyone?) and my beloved 77 Maverick Grabber. These new 'blocks of metal with wires coming out of them' bewilder me.

Thanks in advance.

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OAT sensor has nothing to do with the engine control system. PCM get air temp info from the IAT, not the OAT.

Check the PCV hose for rot and cracks.
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