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2002 Ford Taurus SES Wheels

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I have a question for anyone that has knowledge of factory option wheels. I am 99% sure we got the car new, I was little at the time and really didn't pay any attention but I was hoping to get some info about the wheels my car has which I believe were a factory option that my dad got. I basically would like to know, if possible, the manufacturer of the wheel (if Ford didn't make their own) and cost of the option at the time.

I found them online at one store under the name CCI Remanufactured Alloys but that site says that they were for 03-07 models. I also went to a couple OEM parts sites and there are several results for wheels for 2002 models but they don't come with images.

Image of wheel (minus Ford center caps): http://www.autopartswarehouse.com/p...oZWQgZmFjdG9yeSBvcmlnaW5hbCBhbGxveSB3aGVlbC4=

I don't remember if it is in my signature or not, car is a 2002 Taurus SES with the 3.0L Duratec
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The wheels you have pictured came with the "Sport" package on the "SES" trim of the Taurus. This package was available from around January 2002 (midyear for the 2002MY) until sometime early 2004 (midyear for the 2004MY). You could also order the wheels as an accessory for your car from the dealer, as they were not a factory standalone option.

Your 2002 Duratec Taurus may be a "Sport" model if it has the two tone cloth seats, silvery finish bezel around the radio and the shifter on the floor, as well as "Sport" badging on the front fenders.
The package was $290!!?? The wheels alone at the dealer as an accessory at MSRP were approaching 150-200 per wheel w/lugnuts & center cap. Even on clearance, the wheel package per wheel was ~$50 . That's cheap!
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