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This is probally the wrong place to post this, but i have no other choice. Some might now me, or not. Well me and my car are over. So im gonna junk it or sell it what ever comes first. Wanted to know if anyone here like some parts or need some.(OFC for a low price)

The only thing i think are worth selling are:

Brand New Alternator (Nore Core)
New Fuel Presure Sensor
New Fuel Pump/ New Fuel Pump Relay
Tires Sumitomo (Only has 3k miles on them, i have the paper with full warinty, and they last 80k)
Ignition Coil

Also if you are serious the motor is new, only has 3k miles, Head block was the only thing reused, i will upload the pictures tomorrow of the new heads after they came back from the machine shop.
Everything i bought was from RockAuto

Im not here to screw anyone or to get screwed, im gonna make an ebay account and we can make a serious deal when your ready.
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