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Talked myself into repairing a problem with the horn system on a 2001 taurus wagon for a woman I know that doesn't make much money. sigh
Anyway, as soon as you press the horn button, fuse 30 in the passenger compartment fuse box blows. This also kills the power for the diagnostic port, seeing as it is powered by that fuse, too. There is no horn sound, it just immediately blows the fuse. I don't have a decent wiring diagram, so I need the answer to 3 questions, please.
1) Does the power from fuse 30 go through the horn button to activate the relay or does it supply the power from the relay to the horns, when the relay is activated?
2) Is there a relatively common place where this shorts to ground?
3) Why am I such a shmuck? I can't seem to say no to a woman that has an automotive or other problem. FYI- I am expecting absolutely nothing for doing this, other than a thank you.

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1) Fuse 30 supplies power to both the trigger and the horns. The circuit is ground switched.
2) The most common failure is the clockspring (that doesn't match your symptoms) next in line is the horns themselves.
3) You are not a schmuck, you are a good guy that hates to see a woman get taken advantage of in a repair situation. The Gods of tooldom didn't give us a light so we could hide it.
Two of my backfence neighbors are elderly women (86 & 102). I spend more time fixing things at their houses than I do my own. I have nieces that are single mothers and maintain their vehicles and appliances, ditto for my sons friend's single mothers, etc. We are guy's guys, it's what we do. One of the rules of guydom I constantly preach to our boys is "The obligation of the strong is to protect the week." It doesn't hurt them any to see it in action.
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