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Hi all. I'd like someone to check me on my reasoning and make sure I'm on the right track here.

Had several vacuum leaks DTC and the P1131 code set. I've replaced several vac hoses and those codes have not reset. (the PCV one was fun.)

Reading several of the threads here, the P1131 code does not indicate a bad sensor if the long term fuel trim is above 10% Here is the freeze frame data:

Trouble Code: P1131
Engine Rpm: 1536
Calc Load % 32.5
coolant F 159
ST FTRM1 -4.9%
LT FTRM1 1.5%
ST FTRM2 -4.9%
LT FTRM2 1.5%
ST FTRM3 76.59%
LT FTRM3 95.3%
LT FTRM4 89.9%
ST FTRM4 83.5%
Veh Speed MPH 40
Fuel Sys 1 Clsd1
Fuel sys 2 N/A

So: My plan of attack is :
1. Fuel injector cleaner to see if an injector.
2. Pull the UIM and replace the seals.
3. O2 sensor replacement.

Any other ideas or something else I should check?

Thanks for your help.

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could be several things. How does the car run? I just had that code show up with mine. Turned out to be the intake gaskets leaking. When the engine was cold the car would barely idle but once it warmed up it would be fine.
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