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Thanks to all the info here I finally fixed my #1 miss fire problem
but it was not with out some trouble on the way.
the misfire came out of no wear but being we have had the car
for a few years I figured the plugs and never been changed because
of the difficulty in doing the job.

Round 1
Well I was right OEM plugs, wires, and coil pack.
Plugs worn down to more then double there gap.
Wires seamed okay and even OHMed out fine.
So changed plugs using Autolights plats.
Did this removing the UIM. Pulling the UIM I broke off
a vac nipple on the EGR sensor on the pass. side
of the UMI. Re glued it then sealed it with RTV.
Well no change still #1 miss fire.

Round 2
Ordered new wires and coil pack on line then pulled
the UIM again. This time the EGR nipple broke again
only I could not fix it this time. Dried out from age and
heat so drove 30 miles to part store and bought one.
I had also used new UIM gaskets last time and being
only a week old tried to reuse them Lesson one do not
do this as its only $6.00 savings . The gaskets were a
bit bigger now and would not stay in place. I placed them
in the freezer tell time to use them then used Vaseline to
hold them and finished job. Started motor. Car ran worse
and now EGR tube and EX manifold started to glow
cherry red not a good thing. Looked around found one
gasket had fallen and was out of place so 1 half of that
runner was not sealed.

Round 3
Back to parts store to get new gaskets that I should have gotten
in the first place for round two. Pull UMI again change gaskets
and started car. Runs bad missing still but now back firing
okay first time doing that so had to be some thing I just did.
Check every thing again found vac line from UIM disconnected
and split. Was a new vac line so how it got cut no idea so
replaced it start car again and bingo runs great. Checked
wires old ones still seam okay but replaced them any way
because of the job. Coil pack had a crack in it running from
low power plug area to #1 tower with tracking along it so
feel coil was bad glad I replaced it. No other cracking to be
found and coil OHMed out with in specs but it obviously
was not working when under load.

1) Do not cut corners! replace plugs wires and coil pack at same time.
2) Do not reuse UIM gaskets use new every time and save your self.
3) Use plenty of dialectic grease on the plug wires so that next time
you do this you will not have to fight cooked on wires like I had to.

The UMI gaskets are a rubber gasket and look as if they can be
reused and many have done just that but as I found out they can
also slip
and in that case you get to do the job all over again and for the
$6.00 it save its just not worth it.

Time to do the job 1st time 3.5 plus hours. Last go around 1.5 hours
and that was taking my time. Repetition makes it faster but so
dose not fighting old cooked on vac lines, nut, bolts, and broken parts.

As a side note I have been pulling wrenches for almost 35 years now so
Working on cars is not something new to me but
Still as you read mistakes can be made and when making short cuts
There even more likely. GGGRRRR but glad it’s all done now. Now hoping the MPG also comes back too.

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Good story! I have been wrenchng on cars as a hobby for 40 years myself, and sometimes I still sometimes find myself falling into the trap of "looks OK, I'll save myself $10" and resuse the part. Been bit by that many times.

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ya the little bit of saving always seams to get a hold of us so called ones that know what were doing LOL. I more or less posted it only to help out others who may not be as open to saving a few bucks or wanting to enjoy doing a job over a few time just for the joy of it.
May be what I told my mom when I was a kid was really true. She told me I was just not trying hard when I fired back at her yes I am its just I am a fast forgetter. well I seam to have to keep relearning these lessons so what I said then was more true then I knew LMAO!
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