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2000 Wagaon AX4S VSS

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Help with Part Number - 2000 Wagaon AX4S VSS


I'm trying to find a VSS for my 2000 Vulcan Wagon with the AX4S.

Will this one from Advance Auto Parts work ?

It doesn't look anything like the VSS shown in the video here on the forum because it has a cable attached and no gear shaft built into it.

Advance Auto Parts: Sensor - Vehicle Speed by BWD - Part SN7195

The description says it's for an AX4N .. but the part looks the same as what I have on my AX4S.

It seems that the VSS for my Taurus is in high demand and very hard to find around these parts.

I'm in Florida and NAPA said the closest one available was in Los Angeles.

My local Ford dealer said the VSS has been on back order for a month.

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Hard to tell if it will fit or not from the pic. Pull the old one out and take it with you to advance and comare the 2 (assuming you have another car available to get you there).
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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