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TCCA gang,

You all provided such great guidance for this mediocre DIY mechanic to diagnose and re0aor his PCM issue, I'm hoping you can help me figure out why the transmission doesn't fully engage when it's put into gear.

There are no error codes, I know that because y'all help me get the ODB plug and the PCM working again.
When the gear shifter is placed in any selected position, RPM's will go up, car barely moves ~5-10 MPH.
There was no issues of transmission problems leading up to this issue, just happened all of a sudden.
Fluid is clean, no smell or discoloration. Pump works fine, take reading before turning car on, then after and it drops like it should. No leaks from tranny.
Your guidance is appreciated.

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Your pump test just tells you the pump is pumping at least some fluid, but tells you nothing about the pressure and volume the pump is putting out.

Has the tranny filter ever been changed? A plugged filter will reduce both the volume and pressure of the pump output. Improperly installed filters can fall off and cause the pump to suck air.

Will your scan tool tell you what gear the PCM thinks the tranny is in based on input from the TRS / NSS? If so, check to see that the gear you selected is the gear the PCM thinks the tranny is in.

I hate to say this, but I am thinking the tranny may be toast and needs a rebuild.
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