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I'm back, with something interesting about my taurus.

If any of you recently read my thread on transmission fluid change, i said i was going on a road trip today.

I did,and drove about 500 miles round trip. All went well, and i calculated the fuel mileage(i know its not exact).

Before we left town, i filled up at my local Shell gas station, and i had a bottle of techron fuel system cleaner laying around, and i threw that in the tank too before filling up.

When we filled up the next time, i did 195 miles on 6.4 gallons of gas, That's about 30 mpg! :banana: (and the a/c on most the time).

I drove about 55 miles, we arrived to my cousins college, threw all her stuff in the trunk (Completely full!), and starting driving back home, we filled up again a while later ( i forgot the numbers) but i calculated about 25 mpg. ( makes sense with 5 ppl in the car with the trunk PACKED, and a/c on)

Well i'm back home and so far there is little bit over a 3/4 tank full, and about 90 miles or so on the trip odometer. lets see the mpg on this tank.
Oh, and if it even matters the two gas stations i filled up with during the trip were Sunoco stations.

But i do need to get that fuel pressure regulator replaced, do an oil change, and do a pan drop on the transmission ( i'm too chicken to do the "at home flush". Don't want to mess my tranny up by running the pump dry or something).
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