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I first noticed this last winter, on braking I'll get an audible clunk on the front end. Not always and it only occurs in the cold (less than 40 degrees F). I do notice that it unbinds when I accelerate from a stop (no noise) but that "lift" seems to pull something out and then on the next braking application, I will hear the clunk.

When the weather warmed up it went away completely and I did not hear it all spring, summer and fall. It's back now and I get two clunks when braking. No accidents, just normal wear and tear.

Where are some area to investigate?
Best check for front springs broken near the bottom. Pic from '01 with recall spring catcher.
You can reach your hand over the tire and use a finger to feel along the the bottom half turn of the coil.
My last one '03 broke in the middle of a coil, that one lets you know real POW.


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