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2000 Gen4 Taurus Incorrect Gas Gauge Reading

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My gas gauge is reading incorrectly and I've taken it to the dealer three times and they say that they can't find any problems with anything. What can cause the gas gauge to read incorrectly? The gas gauge is reading anything it wants, i.e. when I just put gas in and know for a fact that the gauge should read FULL, it'll read half tank or empty or anywhere but FULL. And when I know it should be reading low, It reads full. So...anyone else have this problem and fix it? If so, the how would be great cause my dealer seems stumped.
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Hi: It could be that the float attached to the fuel pump in the fuel tank is faulty or sticking causing the incorrect fuel level readings to occur. Also maybe you have an electrical problem a poor ground connection at the fuel pump in the fuel tank, as this may also be the cause of the incorrect readings you describe. Hope this helps...good luck.
Thank You,

I'll be taking my car to another dealer on Tuesday morning, one I trust, and will mention these things.
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