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1. How do you get to the Inner Tie Rod Boot "Tye Wrap" to secure it after an
ITRE change-out?
(Answer: From underneath,it'll have to be "lightly snugged up" to the boot,then from under
use the "tye wrap" tool inserted and grabbing the end.)
(Unlike the Factory metal banding,Moog uses "Tye Wraps" to secure the Boots.)
2.(This is the better question) Someone [?] hit a curb at a 20 degree angle
at what might have been 35 MPH or so.Passenger Side Front.
'Ruined perfectly good Michelin.
Alignment Shop says:Strut Bent,Control Arm Bent.[Sub-frame still in place]
'Front end on jack-stands,wheels off,Passenger shaft engages "Periodically"
('Fondest Hope is the CV Shaft was slightly enough pulled out of the Female
Receiver in the Transmission Hub.)[AND NOT Transmission DAMAGE!]
The Question: What MIGHT be Ill, if the Hub fails to normally rotate once I
Pull the Passenger CV Shaft?
(Answer: In reply #3)

Thank You.

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I have used black zip ties. The boot protects the rack. You can actually move the boot out of the way far enough to lube it and the inner tie rod with grease. You'll have to hand pack the inner tie rod a little.

I have used 2 zip ties on each boot in case one fails. You should probably check the zip tie status every time you change the oil.


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Almost "self help"

Very Nice Tech @ one of the sponsors reminded me that Non-LSD s will
invariably "Take Path of Least Resistance".
At his suggestion,I re-installed the Driver's side wheel and lowered it,blocked
all three landed wheels,applied "E" brakes and put it in Drive.
The "Offended" passenger side gear operated normally.(In the Air).
So,with no leaks or other symptoms the "Sky has not Fallen".

'Much suspension component R+R in the Offing.

I'm still arguing with myself about whether to replace the CV shafts as a
preventative measure.(Frugality would dictate,waiting until they fail.)

Moog (Federal Mogul) has No qualms about the Longevity of "Tye Wraps" on
the ITRE boots.
['Could the fact that plastic "Tye Wraps" are cheaper than metal straps
be affecting their Empirical Vision?]

'Biggest Surprise: There's NO REAR SWAY BAR ON THIS VEHICLE.[Front bar measures 22MM]
So I'm gonna snatch a rear from the recycler's.
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