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I am getting intermittent trouble codes. That is, when I reset the system and clear the error codes, the service engine light stays off but only for about twenty miles.

The codes I keep getting are related to the fuel delivery system and/or oxygen sensors. They are:

P0136, P0141, P1131 and P1132.

I assume these indicate a possible problem with the oxygen sensor. However, I am wondering if it may also be a fuel delivery problem or something else because of the intermittent nature. If it were an O2 sensor failure, it seems the engine light would come on and stay on.

Also, if it's the O2 sensor, is it the front or rear? From what I read, it's the rear but wanted to make sure before I go any further.

There’s a new catalytic converter, fuel pump, fuel filter and MAF sensor installed due to other problems. A recent check shows fuel pressure to be at acceptable readings.

I don’t want to keep dumping money on this thing. I just want a final fix. I’d be eternally grateful to anyone that comes up with a “final cure”.
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