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Does anyone have actual schematics for the Integrated Control Panel (ICP)? I have a 1999 ICP with EATC controls. The part number for the ICP is F8DF-18C858-FC

I have been noticing that the button illumination on the radio buttons is very dim. I can't recall if they used to be brighter or not. In true darkness the buttons are visible but certainly not bright. In dusk the buttons don't appear to be lit.

The EATC buttons are quite a bit brighter.The EATC buttons have an orange cast so perhaps they may appear brighter than the radio buttons.

The Light Switch Dimmer control affects both sets of buttons and the Electroluminescent displays. When I dim the switch all the buttons dim and light up at the same rate.

I have checked the voltage on Pin 2 of connector C237 on the back of the ICP which provides ICP Light voltage from the Light Switch. It goes up to 11.7 V at maximum setting.

I can just buy another ICP but they are pretty expensive and I don't want to spend the money, only to find there is nothing wrong! I assume that the buttons are back lit with LEDs that run directly from the Illumination supply voltage run through a current limiting resistor. I wouldn't mind trying to change the resistor values to illuminate the buttons a little more.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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