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As the title states, I recently purchased a 1998 Taurus, the car does not have an owners manual and I have a few questions.

Brief description, '98 Taurus SE w/99600 miles. 3.0 12v.

What is the recommended oil weight?

Oil capacity w/oil filter change?

Transmission oil?

Thanks in advance.


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Congrats on your purchase of the generation 3 Vulcan! You'll find a lot of owners here have gen3's (including myself) with the Vulcan engine (also including me)!

When I bought mine, it didn't come with an owner's manual either, but probably because it was a fleet/rental vehicle previously.

Anyway, the link to an online manual is here > http://www.motorcraftservice.com/vdirs/own...sp?menuIndex=14

Any more questions? We all would be glad to help! Congrats, and welcome to the club!

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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