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97 overheated; replaced water pump; cam synchronizer; crank sensor; new plugs; wires; shaved heads; new gaskets; reinstalled 'by the book' especially torque readings. NOW when U crank; it acts 'like it wants to start'
NOT SURE if fuel pump is working; NOT SURE if there is spark. did NOT open Schraeder valve on fuel rail and see what might come out. APPEARS to be a slight amount of gasoline on a plug after cranking.

Need another set of hands and will test for spark 'in the dark'
I have the anti theft factory system installed (this has a REGUAR non-chipped key)and have the over ride permanently connected; even if NOT connected when TRYING to use the FOB to allow car to start; there NO LONGER is any noise (ca-chunk) like there used to be (fuse?) when I engage it

What am I missing including replacing fuel filter?

The car is so clean now tho ;-)

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