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1996 Taurus Gl Wagon Fs

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Hi all, I'm try to gauge interest in my purple/graphite 1996 Taurus wagon with 187k on the vulcan 3.0 before I put it on evilbay or part it out. Insurance decided not to total my wagon but pay me the estimated repair sum instead.

before accident My Taurus Wagon

The good: (I have reciepts for most repairs)

- New motorcraft alternator, tensioner and serpentine belt 6 months ago
- New windshield 6 months ago
- New idler pulley just 2 weeks ago.
- Installed Cardone recon rear brake calipers 1.5yrs ago.
- 1yr old Duralast battery with 2yr replacement warranty
- Crimestopper alarm with 2 remotes with starter disable and shock sensor
- interior is clean!
- all electrical components works well
- Engine and tranny given Auto-rx treatment and Mobil 1 in engine, valvoline ATF in tranny with Lubeguard Red.
- New spindle, balljoint and hub assy about 3 months ago.
- Front Brake pads 2000mi old (Wearever Gold)
- I'll include a set of calipers w/brackets and 1500mi old rotors from a 2002 Taurus for a brake upgrade (needs 16" wheels though).
- Bugflector on hood
- I'll throw in the Enkei 17"s for an additional $500 or it goes to Ebay.

The bad:
- Damage to both passenger side doors, front door rearview mirror assy broken and window smashed.
- Front door with light dents and scratches
- Rear door dented up quite bad but latches tight.
- Rear quarter panel dented and scratched but only cosmetics, no structural damages according to bodyshop.

- Tranny shifting rough especially the 1-2 shift

If you're willing to DIY repair the parts from a JY should be around $500 total without painting.

email me [email protected] for pics and I'll have a website up with the damages shown soon.

I'm asking $1000 obo for my wagon, KBB has it at ~$2600 private party and $4000 dealer retail. Buyer will have to arrange shipping if necessary or if you're close to 43017 this wagon is drivable! We're still driving her everyday till we get the check from the insurance co. to shop for another car.

I'll donate the 2% (has it changed???) to TCCA if sale is made

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It was a dumbass in a Chevy truck that side swiped my wife in the Taurus.....

Still waiting for insurance to reply whether is my bull totalled, if so next family ride for me will probably be a minivan
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