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1996 Ford Taurus Lx Fs

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Hey, guys. I have a 1996 Ford Taurus LX with leather, all power options, 7 speaker JBL stereo and damn near everything else imaginable. 3.0 DOHC V6. Auto. All highway mileage. Extremely well maintained. Intereior is mint. I have pics if anyone wants them. I'm located in Syracuse, NY.

I bought the car off of my Father's gf who's had it the last 6 or so years. Drove it back & forth 40 minutes to Syracuse everyday. I just bought it because I was able to pay her directly. I'm looking for $2600. Price is negotiable. My AIM name is DOMINO81 and my name is Anthony.

Thanks for your time,

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Originally posted by claus+Mar 11 2004, 03:37 PM-->QUOTE (claus @ Mar 11 2004, 03:37 PM)
@Mar 9 2004, 06:43 AM
You know, it's funny. I have this car on Cars.com and I've received no response on it at all... crappy...
Have you tried to advertise it more locally like the news paper? Personally I would not have checked cars.com if I where in the market to buy used cars.

The picture on cars.com isn't the best either. Close up pictures from multiple angles would be good. Maybe one or two of the interior.

But don't feel bad. I'm trying to sell a '96 for $3k currently as well and it isn't going that great either. So far I just got two inquiries offering me way less than what I want. Having just done a transmission rebuild and the Taurus being in perfect condition I'd rather keep it than give it away for that little.

Why not keeping the Taurus? It would probably be cheaper than buying a different car. [/b]
Hehe... I do have multimple angles of the car. And, believe me. That picture isn't that bad. But once I uploaded it... it looked like that.
I was gonna do autotrader... but I was like... ehhh....
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Still for sale... $2400. Not gettin' any lower than that.
put it on ebay :)
I put it on Autotrader tonight and it'll run in the local autotrader magazine as well. I don't want to spend anymore money on advertising this car than I already have...
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I don't recall you saying how many miles it has. And you say it has the Duratec in it?? $2400 does sound alright and, I'm 20min east of Syracuse (Oneida). And I am looking for a 2nd car (one that looks just like mine) to drive around while mine is in down time for repairs or winter or what ever may come along.

But noticing you joined the club the day before you posted you wanted to sell the car. I hope you are really into the Taurus and this club because no likes it when people join this club just to sell stuff they don't want anymore, even if it's a good price.

But other than that ^. I hope some buys your car, we need more Duratecs around here
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170,000 miles. Virtually all of them came from driving from Homer to Syracuse and back every day for quite a few years. As I said, I bought it off my Father's gf, whom took great care of it.

I'll admit it. I signed on to the site to get a little more exposure so I could sell the car. I don't like the car, but I needed something to drive at the time. Thus why I have it. I'm too involved with ProbeTalk and the New York Probe Owners Club to even begin thinking about joining another. I moderate the NYPOC forum there, I head up meets and took on the responsability of President of the club.

I'll be honest; I'm trying to sell this car so I can get into another Probe GT. There's really very little I like about to the Taurus to even begin thinking about keeping it. Soundsystem and the leather interior. That's pretty much it. The car still runs great. I was really surprised. Leather is almost mint, no rips...

So, that's it.
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Hey, I used to be a member of MIPOC (Michigan Probe Owners Club) back a few years ago. I am not sure they are still in existence or not. I do know that Ken Schafer from ProbeSport (PRD) has custom fabercated many awsome bolt ons for the Probe. He is a cool guy to hang out with too, its too bad I haven't kept in touch.
Yeah, I've met Ken. I met him this year at MM6. I think he thinks I'm retarded. We were talking about cars, I believe I made a terrible 1st impression. Actually, his turbo'd PGT blew up on the way down to Myrtle Madness 6 this year. I forget exactly how it happened, but he trailored it down and had to trailor it back. Few guys from MIPOC I know pretty well are Ben Spada and Ahbi (Takiman).

He told me he drove the car under it's own power to the place where it sat when that picture was taken. Not a happy vehicle. <_<

Sign on to PT once in a while... say hi.
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In the words of the great Travis Williams... SPOOT!

With that many miles for an 8 year old car (especially a Taurus for that matter with their horrible resale value), don't expect to get much for this car.
It's worth every penny. That's how much I bought it for and that's how much I'll sell it for. I've put 3g's on it. And it's been sittin since the radiator blew. Once I replace the stupid thing, It'll good as new. I realize the mileage is high. But, it doesn't feel like the car has that many miles on it at all.
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