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1996 Ford Taurus Lx Fs

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Hey, guys. I have a 1996 Ford Taurus LX with leather, all power options, 7 speaker JBL stereo and damn near everything else imaginable. 3.0 DOHC V6. Auto. All highway mileage. Extremely well maintained. Intereior is mint. I have pics if anyone wants them. I'm located in Syracuse, NY.

I bought the car off of my Father's gf who's had it the last 6 or so years. Drove it back & forth 40 minutes to Syracuse everyday. I just bought it because I was able to pay her directly. I'm looking for $2600. Price is negotiable. My AIM name is DOMINO81 and my name is Anthony.

Thanks for your time,

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So what's the price now, and where are you located?

I think $2600 has a nice ring to it.

I live just outside Syracuse, NY.

I'll deliver the car if you're close enough...
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All righty! It's on Cars.com. Area code 13088. $2600
Someone buy this car. Please... I really don't like it. I'm looking to simply unload it. I'm buying a car in May.
Can you send me some pics to [email protected] ?? How much would shipping be to zip code 92356?? I am willing to pay for shipping.

Where about are you located?

I'll get on pics tomorrow, they're on my Mother's computer.
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So, what am I doing wrong? And... why can't I sell this car?
Cuz most of us are already broke workin on th bulls we already got ...lol jk but i would if it werent for the fact im 15 in fl and dont work


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I appreciate the honesty. It's down for the moment anyways. Radiator went. Whew... this is going to be expensive. I buffed out some scratches on the deck lid the past weekend.
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You know, it's funny. I have this car on Cars.com and I've received no response on it at all... crappy...
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Originally posted by Domino81@Mar 9 2004, 06:43 AM
You know, it's funny. I have this car on Cars.com and I've received no response on it at all... crappy...
Have you tried to advertise it more locally like the news paper? Personally I would not have checked cars.com if I where in the market to buy used cars.

The picture on cars.com isn't the best either. Close up pictures from multiple angles would be good. Maybe one or two of the interior.

But don't feel bad. I'm trying to sell a '96 for $3k currently as well and it isn't going that great either. So far I just got two inquiries offering me way less than what I want. Having just done a transmission rebuild and the Taurus being in perfect condition I'd rather keep it than give it away for that little.

Why not keeping the Taurus? It would probably be cheaper than buying a different car.
Maybe you should part it out.. A lot of people are looking for parts...

Also, a lot of us already have Taurus' that we want to spend tons of moolah on to become better. Plus, the price, IMO is too high. Maybe post some pics and more people would be interested. I know I wouldnt pay a cent over $2,200 for a '96 taurus, and thats if it were in immaculate condition.

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