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OK guys unfortunately it's come time to part ways with my Tbird. It's getting close to baby time and eventhough it's been a super reliable car, I just need to get a van for the wife and have no need for 3 cars. I'm going to be driving the Sable wagon I picked up a couple months ago. Unfortunately it's just not going to be big enough for the family of 5. Here's the info.....
2nd owner, original owners were my parents.
1996 4.6L Tbird
163K miles(I do use the car still so it will go up till the car is sold)
PS, PB, PW, PL, power drivers seat, Ford installed alarm when the car was originally bought
Stock 215/70R15 rims with 2 newer(less than 5K miles) in the rear
Stock Spoiler
Runs well
Cold AC, hot heat
Few scratches, and a dent in front of the hood that does not affect closing(I put 15K miles on the car like this with no issues)
Parts I have already replaced:
Intake manifold with the aluminum crossover
Alternator(new not reman)
Lower balljoints
front endlinks
rear endlinks
rear shocks(although the left one is making a little noise every now and again)
Front o2 sensors
rear pads
front pads/rotors(they are starting to warp again)
Failsafe stock temp thermostat
I have the strut rod bushings that will go with the car as they need to be replaced. NJ state inspection is good through the end of this month however I planned on taking it to inspection this week. I dont see why it wouldnt pass. There are no CEL's and everything is in functional condition.

I installed the Jmod(shift kit). It pulls and shifts like it should with the Jmod, however after about 4100 rpm it neutralizes. I had no problem with the trans till I put the kit in and I know it went in correctly cause I tripple checked my work. I have driven the car over 2K miles since adding the Jmod with no ill effect if you keep it under 4K rpm. I have all the original springs/accumulators and seperator plate if you would like them to put it back to stock.
I've taken it on two 250 mile trips and did about 400 miles in a weekend with no issues. About a year an a half ago I took it to Syracuse, NY and back and I wouldnt hesitate to do it again.
I'm looking for $1600 firm for the car. I will also trade for a minivan..... no garbage, or nothing with rediculous milage or banged up to hell. I do have the 16" black painted sport rims with 2 new tires and 2 ok tires if you would like for an additional fee(not giving them away). If it doesnt sell at that price I'm going to pull the Jmod out, bring it back to stock and put it up on craigslist. I NEED to sell it to buy a van for my wife so let me know if you are interested or if you need more info/pictures



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That would be nice cause I had an 05 GC but I dont have 4K to go on top of the car. I'd only have around 1k to put on top of my car.
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