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Hello all,

Don't think I've ever posted here but I've been reading posts for a couple of years. I've had a 1995 Taurus with 3.8 parked for the last few years. It's a grocery getter with 88k original miles and in great condition. When I got it the CEL was on (VSS codes) and it had several coolant leaks. The VSS became evident when it shifted at points (rpm) much higher than factory.

In any case I fixed the coolant leaks, installed new engine mounts & looked into the VSS issue. First I replaced the sending unit next to the driver side axle (the easy to get to unit). That didn't clear the CEL or correct the high rpm shift points (I also did not have cruise control; which is normal with a bad VSS). I then found the black/red plug that plugs into the sending unit next to the speedo cable (under exhaust manifold, passenger side) melted and hanging on the exhaust. This is also the short harness that also has the white oil-level (low oil) sending unit wire integrated into it.

I soldered a new plug assy onto the wire, checked for continuity and plugged it into the engine harness. After several hours I reinstalled the battery and started the car up. While the CEL is no longer on it still shifts late (high rpm) and no cruise control. Could it be a shift solenoid?

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