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Well i am looking to get rid of my 94 gl...im sick of it.

New parts are: water pump,radiator,battery,wiring,spark plugs,alternator,struts,transmisson (rebuilt a little over a year ago), motor mounts and many more.

It has some body damage, and its 3 different colors green, the drivers side fender has a dent in it (courtesy of my foot...it was an accident! lol) front bumper is cracked, it has a new rear bumper, liscense plate bracket thing, and trunk. There are hail dents on the roof of the car but not all that noticable.

I'm asking atleast $2500, because of how much i've put into it. It could be perfect for parts, or a winter beater. If you are interested please post, p/m or email me @ [email protected] also you can instant message me on AIM: VoiceofTreasonx
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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