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It's a 7/93 build-date Taurus.
A Plain-Jane 4dr. Crank windows, A/C.
Shifts are abrupt, but not terrible.
Works OK otherwise, only 35K miles.
On door-jamb, under "TR" says:
LFFVV, which tranny is this? The last
two "Vs" might be a "W".
Engine code: U. Axle code: C
Would be nice to know these.
1993 with A/C. does this car have the
OLD Freon, or the NEW Freon?

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Thanks, that jives with what it says on
I'm kind of surprised, if smoother shifts
were the goal, that this tranny shifts
so abruptly. Most of the driving is around
the suburbs, so I've got my friend leaving
the selector in 3, so that his elderly mother
isn't subjected to a lot of jerky hunting
between 3 and 4.
This Taurus only has about 35K on it as it
was owned by a elderly person who had
to stop driving.
Biggest problem is that the tan
headliner is shredding in several areas.

If anybody needs a spare drive-train, he
has an (older?) Taurus wagon stashed
away somewhere. The front bumper and
tailgate have been hit. Probably the OHV
Six. We're in the DC Swamp.

Jag 1959, sounds interesting.
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