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1993 Ford Taurus LX Wagon
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Hello. My Taurus ran flawlessly for 6 months.

61k original garage kept miles. I don't drive it hard.

It used to shift gears around 1500 rpm now it's shifting around 2500 rpm when in 2nd and 3rd. Not such a huge deal.

The big issue is when deceleration is happening into 3rd or 2nd... Which is around 20 to 40 mph - it shifts down kind of hard twice in succession and then runs normally.

If I have even the slightest bit of gas when deceleration is happening it doesn't do it at all.

I've posted in an old thread with similar issues but no response.

I'm seeing a lot of suggestions for VSS (speed sensor) or to flush the tyranny.

However - fluid was flushed 3k miles ago, is full, bright red and no burning smell at all.

I'm starting with VSS as it's 25 bucks then plan on going to pan drop, filter change and probably adding a quart of Lucas tyranny stop slip.

Is this the right direction? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I will also update for others as I progress.

Thanks in advance.
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