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My final act of mercy on the 1993 GL was to replace a broken engine mount last week. Next day it went to the Ford dealer to be offered up as a trade-in for a family member's new Ford Fusion. In turn for my trade-in and some additional cash, I acquired a 2000 Taurus SE 24V (garage kept and only 28,000 miles).

Yesterday I was cleaning up the garage and found the OEM radiator cover for the 1993 GL. It still had the OEM decal in tact. I doubt there are very many of these around. Before I deep-sixed the cover, I took some pics for posterity here on the TCCA forum (see attachments) . It shows the serpentine belt routing, has notes about A/C, transmission, timing, brakes, fuel pump shut off, vacuum hose routing, etc.

Let me thank everyone who assisted me over the years with the '93 GL. May it RIP.



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