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I have the aluminum rims on my 92 sable and the center cap was missing. I found one on Ebay cheap and brand new. I got ot and it does not fit, its too small. The part # of the cap I got from Ebay is F34Y-1141-A. Can any 1 confirm what year car that goes on? The one thats on the car is part # F24C-1A096-AA and that 1 fits.....so

What year car does the Ebay one go to??


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It is for a 93. The first two digits can be the year..
example, original struts on my 90 Taurus are part numbered E9 (89)
The upgraded flywheel for the sho is (F1DZ) 1991. I believe this is how it works, at least this is what the guy at ford explained to me.
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