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I am working on a 1991 taurus that has no sound out of the premium radio.
The radio is fine. It has the amplifier in the trunk. I am geting no
12 volts on the main power wire to the amplifer on pin 14. The switch
wire from the radio is fine on pin 12. All the fuses in the fuse box are OK.

So my questions is to someone who has the shop manuals, where does the
premium sound amp get its power? What is the wire routing front to back?
My 90 manual shows the amp getting power directly from a fuseable link.
Unfortunaltely, the 90 manuals amp is not the same as the 91
(F1VF-18T805-BA). So, where does the 1991's amps power come from?
Where does the amps wire break out of the wire harness under the dash
or hood?

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