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I need the diagram for my LX Taurus. It is the top of the line with electronic dash, auto climate control, both front seats power ect. I need the info on the tie ins from the ERG valve. I find two places for lines but cannot find where they go. My on vehicle diagram showes one line going to the control module but also showes a tie in th the vacuum amnafold from the same location. Only one port on the valve. I have given up on trying to figure it out. Web sites like AatoZone show a dozen different diagrams for this car and also do not show how they tie in. Photos of the top of the EGR valve and the routing from it would do the trick.
Thanks for reading this.
J.E. P.S. ( I'm 70 now and worked as a line mechanic and C-6 trans specilast in the 60s but my memory is shot now and I just don't remember the routing.)
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