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Hello. This will be my first post on here. I's very exciting to see there are others out there who enjoy Taurus's and Sable's as much as I do

Ok, now down to the nitty gritty. I have a 1989 Ford Taurus GL. It is equipped with the vulcan engine and AXOD transmission. I have almost 96'100 miles on the engine/body. The transmission has about 30'000 miles on it. It was rebuilt in 2002 and had a shift kit installed when it was rebuilt. There is some background info for you.

Now down to the problem. Back in october of 2010, I busted a CV boot, so I decided to replace both CV axles in my highschool auto shop. I am pretty mechanically inclined and had some help along the way. I purchased REMAN axles because it was the best deal.

When I took out the passenger side axle (which was the axle who's boot broke) everything went smoothly. But, when it came time to put the new REMAN axle back in, there was some difficulty. The splinds on the male part of the axle had one little knick in it. But because we didn't notice we tapped it in hoping for it to slide right in. It didn't go in. So, a friend of mine was trying to tap it in a little harder with a brass hammer. After a few minutes, and some somewhat hard hits on the axle from the brass hammer, we took it out to find that one of the splinds was chipped. So, we CAREFULLY filed down the chip and went on our way. This time, tapping in the axle with assembly grease.

We put the other axle in with no problems. So, we buttoned up the car and I left for the auto parts store to return the bad axles I took out. I drive my car to Napa, with no issues, parked the car, and went inside.

When I got outside, started the car, and I backed out of my parking space, nothing different. BUT, when I put it into drive, it lurched into gear. And you are probably thinking, "lurch"? Here is a few video links from youtube to show you what I am talking about:

I put it into drive near the end of the clip. When you see the engine pop up, thats when it was put into drive.

Here is the link of my car shifting into drive while viewing the transmission mount:

I don't understand why it was doing that. So, I had both engine mounts replaced and it continued to do that. I also replaced a torque strut that was leaking, no change either.

Then, since I work at a dealership, I had them check my transmission mount, and do a visual look over. They said the transmission mount was fine and they couldn't find anything wrong.

I am stuck. Could a sensor be bad and I not know it? I know that my gas mileage is unusually low and its not because I am a lead foot. I get around 12 to 14 in the city. Also, my idle seems a bit weird when my car is cold. Also, I think I smell the signs of a bad oxygen sensor, but I haven't hooked up a scan too to see.

I have no check engine light one. The transmission is full of fluid and cherry as can be. I do have a minor leak in one of my transmission lines, but I haven't noticed any Major loss of fluid. I have to top it off about every 4 weeks or so and at the most I do 400 miles of driving a month.

Please let me know. ALSO, my car down shifts rather harshly as well, especially when the car is fully warmed up. When I brake rather suddenly and stop quickly, I can feel the engine lump back and forth between 3-2 and even more so during 2-1.

I know some might think its the throttle valve out of adjustment, but I have already adjusted that about 2 years go and have only put a few thousand miles on it since. It's weird because the lumpy downshift almost non-existent when the car is not all the way warmed up. Now, I can still feel the downshifts, but they are more pronounced when I stop quickly when its warm.

Also, sometimes when I slow down, and the transmission is downshifting from 2-1, it feels like something is not bolted down all of the way. Like a bad mount or something, but as I said, Bud Clary has checked it out and they said everything was fine.
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