1987 Mercury Sable LS wagon, located in Smithville Mo, (near Kansas city airport) $2900

Seems to have every option except leather interior, picnic table, and automatic air. IT has the 3rd seat.

Mileage 90,000.

I have not owned this car for long, but this is what I know:

This car has absolutely no rust. The paint is in remarkable condition. It must have been hand washed. There is no record of a repaint. Not even 1 stone chip on the hood. The original owner may have been a smoker. There are some tiny flash offs on the front seat and carpet. I know the kids that bought it were smokers, but it took me two wipe downs to get the yellow of the inside so maybe the owner smoked as well. But I would be surprised a person who took such meticulous care of his car would have smoked in it.

It was a one owner car until purchased by my renters last year. The man who owned it had it undercoated at the factory, kept a log of every bit of maintenance. He kept track of each tank of gas and its cost. By those records it had not been driven for 6 years or so. The couple was not prepared for the rigors of bringing a sleeping car back to life. There were several small repairs needed—mostly regarding leaks.

The couple broke up. The lady owned the car and was wanting to be rid of it ASAP. I don’t really need or have room for an extra car, but the car was in such remarkable shape, I could not see it go to someone for basic transportation, or be donated, which the lady was considering.

The records say the transmission was replaced at 50,000 miles. No wrecks or repaints according to the long. The tires are almost new.

I have replaced the water pump, changed one brake hose and serviced the transmission as all were leaking. I replaced the muffler hanger rubbers, rear brakes, fuel filter, and the previous owner replaced the alternator. I also replaced the windshield. I also replaced the grill light bar. Battery replaced by previous owners 9/21.

It has a fresh oil change and the car seems to run as it should. It is a 3.0 so It would seem it is only just broken in good at 90,000 mi

When replacing the fuel filter, I found the undercoating still pliable. It was some good stuff to keep a KC car from rusting. Though, I don’t think he even drove it in the rain very much and it certainly didn’t spend its life ungaraged. The car seems to have all its original records from the dealer, except the window sticker.

What I know is wrong:

I had to replace the drivers seat belt. I could only find gray instead of tan. Automatic antenna does not move, though you can hear the gears turning. Rear passenger window does not go down. Left inner tie rod end is bad. I have the parts for both inner and outer ends. The power steering pump was leaking. I traced it to the low-pressure hose where it goes into the pump. I was able to get 3 full turns on the hose clamp before it was tight. I think that leak is fixed, but have not driven it enough since to say for sure.

The body has one dent by the mirror on the passenger side where the paint has come off (see photo).

There are a couple of shallow door dents on the passenger side. Right third of rear bumper is gone. This happened while the couple had it. I think all of the dents probably happened while they had it.

Rock auto has a lot of Sable parts on close out, so I have besides the suspension parts, a front wheel hub, new lug nuts, and the other 3 brake hoses. There is also a factory amp for the am/fm cassette that came with the car. It looks new, but the one in the car sounds fine so maybe it was the old unit.

If you have other questions you can email me at [email protected] or call 816-805-2381