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Hi everyone!

I have a 2011 Taurus SEL with 18" rims and I have been shopping for winter tires, (required by law no later than 5 November where I live). I've been thinking about getting steel rims for my winter tires to save money having my tires remounted and balanced twice a year and I have noticed places offering 16" steel rims, claiming that they will fit a 2011 Taurus.

Is it safe to put 16" rims on a 2011 Taurus? I can see 17" not being a problem, but 16" seems a bit small to me. However, 16" snow tires are considerably less expensive that 18", so if I can safely install this size, it would be great.

Also, if these tires will fit, how much will it affect my speedometer? On my 2005 Windstar had 16" tire's, but I had 15" for winter tires. This caused my speedometer to be off by about 10 km/h - 6 mph. However, I seem to remember that the summer tires were 22/60R16 whereas the winter tires were 205/60R15 so possibly this was the cause for the inaccurate spedo.

Thanks for any help!


(EDIT) I just found this searching through the site:

I followed the links to here:

It seems that with 16" rims, my speedo will be off by about 7 km/h - 5 mph.
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