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This is in response to an email I sent about attending the SHO convention:

If you have no objections to non-SHOs attending I would be willing to offer this convention to the West Coast members of the TCCA. Thank you for your attention.[/b]
It is not necessary to have a SHO. I drove a Lexus IS300 to the convention in Wisconsin last year. A friend drove a Mazda 6. The year before that, there were several non SHOs there...in fact there was a '60s vintage Pontiac that went on the race track. There has been a Jaguar to our convention in 2000. I don't know if you could enter the concours SHOw we are having on Tuesday, but you are welcome to particpate with us in the rest of the events, and if you and your cars are up to it, you can go on the race track on Thursday. You'd have to pass a tech inspection, and you might need to go in the novice class, due to the softer suspension and lighter duty tires one might normally find on a SLO. However, if you have Tokiko or Koni or some other performance strut, and have good brakes and tires, and can substantiate your track driving experience, you very well could enter the intermediate group. I have a '91 GL 3.8 wagon with Tokikos, Wilwood bra kes, and Z rated tires, which handles as well as my primary SHO. However, I don't want to put another transmission in it, so it won't go on the track, even though it could keep up with a stock SHO. I do enjoy it to its fullest extent on the freeway.

Bottom line....welcome to all of you.

Sounds like it would be a blast...anyone interested, I am.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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