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Hi guys I've been troubleshooting the IRCM (relay computer) on my 86 LX for quite a while now and a new computer is coming my way.

The question here is....On the diagrams there is a black and orange wire that goes from the IRCM to the fran dropping resistor but when I check for continuity it gives me a 6 Ohm resistance value which is weird since I thought there wasn't anything between the cable and the resistor and I tested the harness with both the IRCM and Dropping Resistor disconnected.

Another funky thing is that without the IRCM and ignition off I have 12.5 volts at the plug that connects to the fan dropping resistor. Is that normal?

I want to know if I'm going to fry my new computer if I plug it in. Im scared wome crappy mechanic tinkered with the harness.


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