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12/13 Meet W/ Tristate Sho

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Quick & Dirty details:

Quaker Steak and Lube near Cleveland, OH on Saturday December 13th
it will be the one in valley view and it looking like were meeting up there at lunch time
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Greg, do you have an exact time we should meet there?
I'm going to PM some of the Ohio people, see if we can get a better turnout.
Well, I sent out 8 pm's to people in Ohio who haven't posted anything in here about attending. Hopefully a few of them will show up.
Well, so far, I've gotten 1 pm back from kms250, (Chris) the one with the genIV Sable wagon, and he can't make it. I doubt the others I pm'd will show up or even pm me back because they're not really regulars.

And for those of you that want to take a look at it, I used the TCCA member map that Dennis Wolfe made (below), although it might be missing some of the newer members.

Yeah, well hopefully some of the other members I pm'd will show up. We don't want to be overrun by SHO's at this meet.
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Originally posted by SHO 2NV+Dec 9 2003, 06:49 PM-->QUOTE (SHO 2NV @ Dec 9 2003, 06:49 PM)
@Dec 9 2003, 04:02 PM
Yeah, well hopefully some of the other members I pm'd will show up. We don't want to be overrun by SHO's at this meet.
You might wanna plan on that.....after all it is a Tri-State SHO/SVT Club meeting.

BTW, page 2=own3d
I know, and it's fine with me. I just want to meet some new TCCA members too.
Us non-SHO's gotta make a stand too
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Originally posted by jason8225@Dec 9 2003, 08:15 PM
cool, I'll try to get to Quaker Steak a little early...
Me too. It'll be cool to see a whole bunch of SHO's caravaning in together. Is caravaning even a word?
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Speaking of ROTB, did we ever decide on a date? We had a poll, but I don't think we ever decided on a specific date. I have so many things already planned for next summer, I hope I can make it.

Now back to your regularly scheduled topic.
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Well, I think there are three of us for sure, possibly four or five. I'm not counting T-man or SHO 2NV b/c I think they're part of tristate sho/svt.

Are you a member of tri-state sho/svt autobahn?
I'm leaving right now, not enough time to wash car though. Se you guys there!
Originally posted by Firespirit@Dec 14 2003, 01:58 AM
Dang it, I wish I could have went. Was it all guys there?
No, it wasn't all guys, only a few ladies though. Do you know Beth (Bizzy)? She was there along with some of the guys' wives.
It was cold, but fun to see all of the SHO's.

IMO, the dark blue GenII SHO in Jason's first two pics was the nicest car out there. The pics do it no justice.
You should see the engine bay. Maybe Mike has some pics. I took some, but it's not a digital camera.
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