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Well, I've been thinking more about my carputer project lately. I finally connected my LCD to it's controller and fired it up.

I don't have the touchscreen overlay yet. The monitor is awesome though. It's modified with 4 backlights for bright conditions, and should look good even in direct sunlight. I still need to rig a dimmer knob, so I can change brightness without having to navigate thru the OSD.

I hope to have time while I'm home for the holidays to make a mold from my current dash. The first step in making the new dash layout with relocated vents, monitor, head unit, slot load DVD/CD-RW, USB, Firewire, and AUX audio.

Finished project will hopefully be done by late spring.



Good luck with your project
I had a complete setup done in my 99, but took it out when I got rid of the car and haven't done anything for a computer in the new car... yet.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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