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1.7 Roller Rockers

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i just thought i would share my latest mod with other vulcan owners. i have installed a P&P lower intake, from doc. my latest adventure has been installing 1.7 ratio roller rockers , from morana. these were a bit of a challenge to install. the pedistals have to be ground down aproximatley .100 to get them to fit properly. if you don't the rockers have a large gap between the tappet or rods, depending on which side you are looking at, and the motor will sound like a deisel. trust me i let the car run this way for about 10-15 minutes. after re-girnding the rocker pedistals today and re-installing the rockers the motor is quiet and the power is starting to be felt. actual horsepower changes that aren't just a cold air intake or an exhaust. in fact i am running the stock air box with this set-up with a k&n and the power is great. i have redone the exhaust to a 2.5 inch into a single flowmaster 40 series. if you want real horsepower and torque gains try these mods on for size, you won't be sorry. and yes this all costs $$$ to do this. brian
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That's really cool! I'm glad to see some one dedicated (or crazy) to improving their Taurus. Normal isn't cool.
Hey man, how much did it all cost you? Nice mods by the way ;)
thanks for the positive responses! i think doc's intake cost me about $150 plus i had a little extra for a bright red pwder coating. extra $30 i think. i may be a little off on that price because i have had that on my car for almost a year now. short term memory is failing me. the roller rockers were $325 plus the additional fees involved. each time you get parts from him there are these fees. i was willing to pay them because i have talked to tom extensively about my upgrades and he has been very helpful. he is VERY knowledgable with the 3.0 and 3.8 motors. if you decide on a cam with this type set up you can't do anything very radical with it because of the extra lift you are getting from the 1.7 rockers. in fact, he shared with me that if you wanted to go radical, you could but, you would have to go back to the 1.6 rockers. by the way talked to him today and he is working on a set of 1.8 rollers for the 3.0. awesome stuff! he is expensive but, in my opinion he is one of the best. brian
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I'm just curious, where abouts are you located? in Canada? if not is there a guy here in Canada that does custom 3.0 work?
no, i live in mississippi. morana v6 racing is located in canada. sucks for the shipping aspect. i just piss away my hard earned money on this car. i think i was deprived as a teen from doing this type of thing. its time for me to catch up on all that lost time!! brian :)
Hmmmm, very interesting as I live here in Canada........ where abouts is he located?????
Originally posted by firstgen86l@May 8 2004, 03:17 AM
Hmmmm, very interesting as I live here in Canada........ where abouts is he located?????
Good guess.

Morana Racing Engines
6453 Kingston Rd.
Scarborough, Ontario
Canada M1C 1L2
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