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My Taurus loves me so and this I know fo sho, cuz she told me so!

But does she really wanna, but cant stand to be, a really fast car?

THANK GOD for 3.0 and AXOD for sticking together 'cuz we dont know how!

Ok enough of my madd skillz but that song was blasting out of my radio as I pased FIVE cars on a two-lane road (at once). There was this dump truck going pretty slow and be damned if four vehicles behind him would NOT pass. I had my cruise set on 60 and cought up to them like they were standing still. Well a clean, open spot came up so I floored it. THe speedometer needle pointed down at "OD" and around 'em I went. There was a '92 L Sedan in the pack and after I went by, it pulled out and then a few others followed. The Taurus' were leading the pack!

Bottom line, I need a Windstar cluster so I can figure out what the hell speed I'm doing! I love this car.
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