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07 exhaust repair

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Hey everyone,

2007 taurus

So the car was in minor scuffle, however the exhaust broke at the front.

I'm very unfamiliar with exhaust repairs. Can you guys guide me in terms of what actually broke? I can see bolts still attached in pic 4.

Money wise, what am I'm looking at if i take it into a shop? Can i junk parts to lower the cost? I appreciate the help.
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Just recently replaced mine during the fall as it was leaking and car was starting to sound like a beater. For my 07 Taurus I was quoted around $200 to replace the flex pipe at a muffler shop. I looked up and purchased a flex pipe from Amazon for $26 and had my dad weld it on as he has lots of experience as a pipe fitter.

EASYBERG Stainless Steel Flange Flex Coupling Exhaust Repair Pipe Compatible with 2000-2007 Ford Taurus 2000-2005 Mercury Sable

We removed the bolts and nuts which was the hardest part, had to cut one off as it was rusted stuck, this allowed the exhaust to drop down in the front giving more room for the next step. Than we measured and than cut the other end off. Than we bolted on new one and than had my dad butt weld it to the rear exhaust part. Thanks to him I was able to save at least $150 and now car is much much quieter and not leaking noise or exhaust anymore.

If you know someone that can weld it will save you a majority of the money compared to a shop.
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