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07 exhaust repair

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Hey everyone,

2007 taurus

So the car was in minor scuffle, however the exhaust broke at the front.

I'm very unfamiliar with exhaust repairs. Can you guys guide me in terms of what actually broke? I can see bolts still attached in pic 4.

Money wise, what am I'm looking at if i take it into a shop? Can i junk parts to lower the cost? I appreciate the help.
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You’ll need to either replace the third cat assembly or the cheaper route is to remove what’s left of that flex pipe and purchase a repair kit.

I did the repair kit on my old Sable and it held up for quite a while. I did have to replace the piece because they’re not the greatest quality, but it will get you back on the road cheaply. Attached is an example. There’s plenty out there. I believe I got mine from rock auto or an eBay vendor.
When you used the repair kit, did you have to weld? Automender above linked a post about using a clamp, but i'm not sure if we're talking about the same part.
It can be welded or clamped. I clamped mine in my repairs.
Thanks. I'll probably go that route. In the first picture i posted, it looks like part of the exhaust that broke is still welded to the end of the tube...That would have to be removed before installing the repair kit, right? If so, how would you recommend I remove it?
Wait until you get the replacement flex connector to determine where you need to cut the original pipe. Remove the bolted connection at the Y pipe ad bolt on the new flex connector. You will have to determine if the replacement flex joint fits inside or outside of the original pipe. The band clamp is better than the crimp clamp since they don't distort the pipe and when you need to replace the flex joint again it is much easier.
Good advice. I'm ordering the following from ebay:
Replacement Connector

With the band clamp, do you know what size approximately?
Also, I don't think this kit comes with bolts. I'm not betting on reusing the old ones...Bolts and washers from the hardware store should do it right?
1 - 4 of 11 Posts