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'07 Calendars Available!

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Just as last year, the long awaited calendars are here! They're not quite as spiffy as last year's but they should hold us over until '08

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I just got mine yesterday. I have the same problem too with the letters not fitting, but it's not that bad.

Great job on the calenders BTW, they came out very nice.
07 COTM's go on the 08 calendar right?
sweet! lol. my car will be faaamousssss.
I can't wait for the 08 calanders so I can fucking tag on all of ur cars with a jumbo sized Marks-A-Lot leaving my mark like the OG gansta that I am, yo.
sweet! lol. my car will be faaamousssss.
:werd: the sable too.....then we'll both have to run for cotm next year to have them on the 09 calender.....lol

Someone please PM me when the 2008 calenders go on sale....I need one with my merc and ken's G in it

Well these calendars for 2007 started in April and are 13 month calendars. So, in theory, not until May 2008. But who knows?
21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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