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Recently bought a 06 Ford Taurus from a salvage auction. Seems like somebody shot at the car and put a couple of bullet wholes through it.

Looked at the where the shots went through and I did not see that it hit any mayor components, as far as wiring or anything in that sort of nature.

The car alarm seems to be active. Hooked up the battery to it and I hear a beeping noise coming from under the driver side. Stuck the key in the driver side door and turned it but it seems like it isn't disabling the alarm but I am not 100% sure on this.

Tried turning the key after trying to disable the alarm and it doesn't start the car. I don't hear clicks from the starter or anything, doesn't even try to turn over. I didn't hear the fuel pump priming so I checked the switch in the trunk for the it and it seems like it was turned on so I reset it. Now I can hear the pump but car still won't start.

I tried jumping the thick pink/white wire under the driver side kick panel for the alarm but that did not help either.

Any input as to what else I could check or try?

Thank you

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First, be sure you have a fully-charged battery with no internal shorts. We found out last spring that barely 12V + internal resistance was enough to disable starting. New battery solved that one.

Usual culprit is the transmission position switch. You might try starting in N rather than Park.

Check the primary fuses/relays in the box under the hood and the fuses in the cabin fuse box, of course.

Try direct-wiring the starter after taking extra care to be sure you're in park and the e-brake is on.

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If there's a beeping under there, other than the door chime, there is probably an aftermarket alarm installed, or one of those code things they sometimes install in cars you get from 'buy here, pay here' lots. You need to undo what they did. Pull the knee panel under the column and have a good look around.
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