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I have accepted a new role at work, which means I will need to find my '05 a new home as the new opportunity provides a vehicle, a Taurus

- Car currently just rolled 140k.
- I am the second owner of the car, 1st was the company I work for
- never been smoked in
- has never been involved in a motor vehicle collision / collision with an animal or any body work of any kind, including but not limited to paint. (I purchased an OEM rear spoiler for the vehicle and had it painted to match)
- vehicle has resided in South Carolina it's entire existence
- not a spec of rust anywhere on the vehicle, undercarriage, wheel wells.

Just recently I had replaced the entire suspension system on the vehicle, front and rear including all new component, KYB struts, MOOG springs, Motorcraft front strut bearings, including new front balljoints, tie rod ends and the installation of Gen I SHO front AND rear sway bar, 24mm & 26mm.

- rear brakes are new, converted to discs along with remanufactured rear calipers from NAPA, new Timken bearings, etc...
- Duralast battery replaced within 20k miles
- OEM Carlite FORD windshield installed @ 117,500 miles
- both upstream O2 sensors replaced with Bosch replacements (Preventative maintenance) @ 98,000 miles
- both side mirrors, new Motorcraft heated glass
- MAF replaced with reman unit @ 98,000 miles (Preventative maintenance)
- ignition coil replaced @ 80,000 miles along with all 6 plugs and wires
- power steering fluid flushed, replaced with Mobil 1 ATF fluid @ 77,000 miles
- transmission fluid with new filter replaced and refilled with Mobil 1 ATF @ 77,000 miles
- fuel pump and fuel rail pressure sensor replaced with Motorcraft parts @ 76,000 miles
- new rotors and Duralast Ceramic brakes pads (front) replaced @ 76,000 miles

I lot more to list... EVERYTHING on the vehicle works.

Asking $6,000.00 OBO

Photos below are as of: September 18, 2011.


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Hi everyone,

I'm the new owner of this very nice 2005. I look forward to participating in the forum.
Welcome. Looks like you got a really nice ride there.

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Members that have a blue title line on their profile actually get $10. Which, according to the rules, can be deducted from another member's $5 fee. *cough*Bigdogg2830*cough*
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