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I have a rental Taurus SE for at least the next two months or so while I'm on business. Seems like a really nice car, I'm impressed.

Anyway, mine just has the cassette player in the dash... and when I push CD it displays "CDDJ." I figured there was no CD changer until, out of boredom, I priced out a new Taurus on Ford's website. It appears that the CD changer and power seat w/lumbar come together as an option: the "SE Value Package." My Taurus has the power seat w/lumbar. So... I figured that maybe it had a CD changer, too- it sure would be nice as I drive a TON!

But... I can't find it?! I looked in the owner's manual and it very vaguely suggested one of three places: "in the trunk, the console, or the right side cargo area storage compartment." I can't find a spot where a CD changer would even go! I don't have a console since it has the bench seat option.

Any suggestions as to where to look? Maybe I don't have the CD changer after all... but would the radio display "CDDJ?"

Just curious. Not a huge loss or anything if it doesn't since I don't own it, but it would make the miles go by faster. :)

thank you all!
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