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I have a rental Taurus SE for at least the next two months or so while I'm on business. Seems like a really nice car, I'm impressed.

Anyway, mine just has the cassette player in the dash... and when I push CD it displays "CDDJ." I figured there was no CD changer until, out of boredom, I priced out a new Taurus on Ford's website. It appears that the CD changer and power seat w/lumbar come together as an option: the "SE Value Package." My Taurus has the power seat w/lumbar. So... I figured that maybe it had a CD changer, too- it sure would be nice as I drive a TON!

But... I can't find it?! I looked in the owner's manual and it very vaguely suggested one of three places: "in the trunk, the console, or the right side cargo area storage compartment." I can't find a spot where a CD changer would even go! I don't have a console since it has the bench seat option.

Any suggestions as to where to look? Maybe I don't have the CD changer after all... but would the radio display "CDDJ?"

Just curious. Not a huge loss or anything if it doesn't since I don't own it, but it would make the miles go by faster. :)

thank you all!

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Welcome to the TCCA!!!

If you are getting CDDJ (what ford called an external CD Changer) and have looked all the places the manual indicated and can't find it then you don't have one.

I'm sure someone will correct me if i'm wrong here but i believe it displays the CDDJ when there is no external CD Changer connected.

BTW, this really should have gone in the Electronic, Security, Audio and Visual forum but i'm sure some moderator will move it when they notice this :D

Hope you enjoy your Taurus rental despite it not having a CD player.
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